If you are interested in making money selling your children's outgrown clothes, toys, books, baby items, furniture and maternity or women's clothing then MA-MA Sales is for you!

Why should you consign with MA-MA Sales?

  • Typically consignment shops offer you only 40% of what your item sells for.  At MA-MA Sales you earn at least 60%!  There is a $10 consignor's fee due at drop off to cover administration costs, venue rental, and advertising.  Refer 2 consignors to this sale and your consignment fee will be waived!
  • You receive payment for sold items within 2 weeks of the sale.
  • You set your own price for your items!
  • If your item does not sell you have the choice of picking it up and saving it for our next sale, selling it elsewhere or donating it to charity.
  • You do not have to work the sale but if you volunteer you earn 70% of what your items sell for.
    Receive an invitation to attend our special preview sale where you can shop for the best bargains before anyone else!
  • Usually people will pay more for items at a consignment sale rather then a garage sale.  No haggling!

How does consigning work?

  • Consignors register for the sale online where they are given a consignor identification number and a special bar code.  Consignors create tags for each item and print the tags out on their own printer.  We recommend using cardstock paper when printing out your tags because they will be more durable.
  • Each consignor tags, prices, and prepares their items for the sale. (Pricing guide located at bottom of the page for suggested prices.) All clothing items must be hung on hangers (dollar store sells 10 for $1) and tags attached by safety pins or a tagging gun.  Make sure the hangers are to the left forming a ? and the tags are pinned on the right of the garment.   Putting together whole outfits not only will bring you more money for the items but will more likely result in a sale.  Smaller clothing items can be placed in ziploc bags if they can't fit on a hanger.  Use clear tape to attach tags to non-clothing items.
  • The consignor drops off their items during the drop off hours. Consignors must sign up for a drop off appointment.  There is a $10 consignor's fee due at drop off.  Group items together according to size and gender to make putting them out on racks easier.  Each item is inspected and the consignor hangs and places all acceptable items in their designated areas.  Presentation is everything make sure your items are clean and nicely pressed!  Only items in mint condition will be accepted.
  • The consignor can either pick up unsold merchandise or donate it to charity. You have an option when creating your tags to mark the item 50% off during our sale on the last day. Remember your goal is to sell your item so putting it in the clearance sale will help increase your profits!  We ask that consignors who are not donating their unsold items come and help sort them at the end of the sale.  All items not picked up by end of day on last day will be donated to charity.
  • Then just wait for your check with all of your proceeds to be mailed to you!
Below is a handy pricing guide if you need some help pricing your items:  




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